Who We Are
Vision and Values
Rooted in the Reformed Tradition and united in the worship of Jesus Christ,
we are a congregation committed to:
vision and values
First Presbyterian Church of Hudson has a rich history behind it and a vibrant future ahead. Dutch Lutherans and Calvinists settled the City of Hudson in 1662, then known as Claverack Landing. In 1783, New England Quaker and Congregationalist whalers and merchants moved into the community and in 1785 obtained the first city charter in the new Republic. First Presbyterian organized as a Congregational denomination in1785 and worshipped in various public buildings. In 1792, the congregation erected their first permanent home at the corner of Second and present-­‐day Allen streets. The following year the congregation elected to become a Presbyterian congregation and joined the Presbytery of New Castle, Delaware. In 1794, the congregation was placed under the Presbytery of Albany, under which auspices it remains. The congregation built its present substantial edifice on the corner of Warren and Fourth streets in 1837. That building was considerably enlarged in 1877, when the two prominent towers were added. First Presbyterian continues to play a central role in the spiritual and cultural life in the City of Hudson to the present day.
Who are Presbyterians?
1st Presbyterian Church of Hudson is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). The denomination has a membership of over two million individuals, who worship in over 10,000 congregations throughout the United States. Presbyterians identify with the theology of the Reformed Tradition, which comes from the principles articulated by John Calvin. However, Presbyterians are distinct most uniquely in our polity (governance), which stresses democratic, active, representational leadership of ministers and church members. To read more about Presbyterian theology, worship, history, and positions on social issues, visit PresbyterianMission.org
Clergy and Staff
  • The Reverend Kathryn Beilke
  • The Reverend Bob Criswell, pastor emeritus
  • Sexton Jean Meus
  • Robin Diffendale, Organist
  • Virginia Kiel, Soloist
  • Shelley Robinson, Administrative Assistant
Lay leadership
  • Amanda Riccio, Elder, Clerk of Session
  • Cindy Andrus, Clerk of Session
  • Shelby Wilbourn, Elder
  • Stephen Brown, Elder
  • Deborah Tibensky, Elder
  • Jenny Baldwin, Elder
  • Carline Seide-Murphy, Deacon
  • Theresa Parsons, Elder
  • Paul Trantanella, Deacon
  • Linda Russo-Porpa, Deacon


We welcome ALL to the First
Presbyterian Church of Hudson!

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, filthy rich, dirt poor, or no habla Ingles. Whether you used to work on Wall Street, or if you used to sleep on Wall Street, you’re welcome here. We embrace those in recovery and also those who are still addicted. We will walk with you if you are going through a difficult time or when you need a special prayer: chances are we’ve been there too. If you don’t like “organized religion” or are “spiritual but not religious,” we love you. Even if you got lost and wound up here by accident, we hope you feel at home here. We love soccer moms, crying babies, vegans, hipsters, seekers and doubters, tourists and locals… we mean it when we say, “ALL are welcome here!”

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Bible Study | 9:30am
Worship Sept-June | 10:45am
Worship July-Aug | 10:00am

Bible Study suspended July and August